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They say “Fashion is what’s offered 4 times a year, Style is what you pick”

Just as Art has different forms which affect our emotions and feelings, so does fashion.... it is a way of expression, and in particular your way of expressing yourself. A lot of people think they should save this platform of expression to special occasions, holidays or occasional gatherings, but don’t you think life is too short for that! Why not dressing up everyday with your favorite pieces, mix and match, accessories and bring the best out of your closet whenever you go out, bring out your artistic expression whether it’s in casual, formal, sportwear or even nightwear,Try that, and Don’t leave the house until you look in the mirror and simply love what you are seeing...
Don’t be fearful ...Just as anything else in life the more you put efforts into it, the more you will get rewarded!
Be you... Be different!

Viola Zghoul

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