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Dubai Shopping Festival is here.... the Sale sign is at every store door, the deals are way too tempting and everybody is telling you shop, shop, shop.....BUT before you head to the cashier for any new purchase, I ask you to go through the points below, to help you make the best out of your shopping experience and not to regret your magical purchases later, cause the biggest mistake you do, is buying an item just because it is on sale!

1. Go prepared; Wear one piece dress and comfy shoes easy to take off /put on "unless you enjoy wasting time in the fitting room". Have your hair and makeup nicely done to feel good when you try new items (be careful though not to smudge the garments you try on). And have plenty of time to avoid haste decisions.

2. Make sure whatever you buy FITS PERFECTLY : Don't take things home without fitting them first even if you know your size; buying smaller size because you plan to diet, or a size bigger because you will alter it.........IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA! even it is was for free, walk away from it (I know you like it and it's tempting but trust me you will regret it)

3. Make a list of what you are shopping for: before you hit the shops, organize your cupboard and see what's missing, and what you have plenty of. Remember "We are slaves of habits" for example; if you like black, I'm sure you already have 10 pieces of black, so when you shop avoid that color.

4. Quality over Quantity: Though this should go without saying, people still fall into this trap, from experience I'm telling you, it is a more cost effective to spend on higher quality as it will last longer and stays in a better shape, don't be deceived by heavily discounted items.

5. Classic over Trendy: Building a wardrobe of quality clothes takes time, yet nothing hurts more than an expensive mistake, If you are investing in a good purchase, I would always recommend that you buy classic pieces and versatile pieces that you will wear over and over again... most people will opt for Trendy and what's in fashion now, but remember if it is already on sale the trend is either expiring or fading.

6. Make sure you LOVE it; Don't settle for less, the pieces we love we tend to wear more often.... The pieces I loved 3 years ago, I still love today, and the pieces I bought because they are on great deal were in my next declutter, donate basket the next season.

7. Ask yourself these questions, If this item wasn't on sale would I still buy it? and does it add anything to your existing wardrobe, if the answer is NO then drop it.


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